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   A Great Day Sail Fishing

Sailfishing with Expert Captain Craig Brewer

We were out fishing with Craig Brewer and Rusty Albury on Craig’s boat “Brew Ha Ha”, a beautiful 23 foot Seaway that he has been restoring for the last five years.   It was a very rough day, with 4’ waves close together and occasional 6 footers mixed in.  We were getting tossed around pretty good.  We got our bait and proceeded to slow troll for sailfish using the live Ballyhoo.
   Things were going very slowly for many hours until finally it cleared, the waves died down and we started seeing spraying bait, indicated that sailfish were chasing the bait.  So we began the run and gun, in order to try and put a bait in front of one of these magnificent fish.  We would spot the bait spray, run the boat up, stop, and cast to where we figured the fish chasing the bait might be.  After about a dozen tries over the course of an hour, I cast out my bait and held the line in my hand with the bail open.  I felt the bait running as if it were trying to escape, then I saw the sailfish’s bill poking around on the surface as he stunned my bait prior to eating it.  It was very cool to be looking in the right direction and see the activity on the surface.
   In just a few more seconds my line was peeling off the reel as I made the ten count, then closed up the bail and reeled in all the slack to set the hook.  That fish immediately leapt up out of the water and proceeded across the surface for over a hundred feet, with nothing but his tail in the water.  It was so cool, and the pressure on the rod was very intense.  You can see this on video, but it just doesn’t compare to seeing it for yourself when hooked up.  I fought the fish for over 20 minutes, he jumped a few more times, then we ot him close to the boat.  The most difficult time was bringing the fish close enough to the boat to get it inside and release the fish.  The pressure that fish was still exerting on the rod was extremely intense, it was all I could do to get it in so Rusty could grab it by the bill and get it in the boat.  We got a great picture and released the fish. 
   After that it was anticlimactic, we caught a few kings and Spanish mackerels, but no other sails.  Even so, it was entirely worth the trip.


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