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    The Fishing Species in Rhode Island.

Learn about the different fish that inhabit our states waters.

There are a large number of different types of fish that inhabit the near shore and offshore fishing areas in Rhode Island.  We have provided a comprehensive list of the common and not so common types that can be targeted for recreational fish below.

Striped Bass.  The majestic striper is a much-sought game fish in Rhode Island.  Every year there are thousands of people who fish for striped bass.  They are a great deal of fun to catch.   Some stripers reach up to 40lbs or more in weight.

Bluefish.  These are aggressive and toothy predators that are rugged fighters and take a heavy toll on your tackle.  An oily fish, good smoked but needs to be bled and iced right away if you plan to eat them.

Summer Flounder.  The summer flounder is a staple of fishing during the summer here.  Many anglers are out there on a daily basis catching these delicious fish on light tackle, the give a great fight due to their wide format and the fact they swim sideways compared to other fish. 

Scup or Porgies.   Scup are a small fish anywhere from 9" to 20" long and very good to eat.  Great fish for kids, as they are aggressive and when biting you bring them up one after the other and the action keeps kids interested.   Also, while the bigger ones will actually give you a fight, kids for the most part can reel them in on their own.

Black Sea Bass.  Sea bass are one of the best tasting fish you can catch in Rhode Island.  Easily targeted during the season we can catch a lot of these fish.  They also give a great fight for their size, and we do occasionally get fish as large as 6lbs.

Tuna.  There are many species of tuna we can catch during the fishing season including bluefin, yellowfin, false albacore, green bonito, and longfin albacore, among others we don't see as much as in previous years.  Nothing can compare to the runs made by tuna, they can strip 700 yards of line off a reel in less than a minute and will definitely give you a very good workout.

Tautog.  The ugliest and best fighting fish, pound for pound you'll find anywhere.   Also one of the best tasting fish you'll ever catch.  Tautog are a lot of fun to catch but at times can be very difficult to hook, they are expert bait stealers.  Also known as blackfish.

Sharks.  Sharks are powerful predators that will wear out most anglers before they can reel them in.  We have several species of sharks that inhabit our waters including blue sharks, makos, tigers, threshers, and hammerheads (though we rarely see those).

Marlin.  During warmer years we can see white or blue marlin in our far offshore grounds.  These fish are outstanding fighters and can wear out any anglers.



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